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The Courses and Classes

If you train shit 1000 times all you get is shit times 1000... Train smarter!

The Class

A class is the breakdown of a particular movement in a determined sport. Where you will find ways to train that movement both in the sport and with the proper body mechanics through fitness. The class is going to be everything we can find to help understand a movement.

Discussion Board

Is a place where we encourage progressions to techniques and other methods to do the same movement that might help with different levels of skills.

Movement Deconstruction

Is the method by which we will analyze and breakdown everything that is happening and that the athlete is trying to accomplish. We dissect a complex movement into a lot of simple movements and how to string them together.


We encourage our users to upload their content and see themselves side by side to what the proper form would be. Also by uploading themselves training, other coaches can help them with their technique.

The Player

Is one of the main tools we are creating to help breakdown movements for our users. With frame by frame swipe, slow motion and simultaneous views of different angles while viewing the same movement; is only a few of the features we bring to the experience.
Interactive Player
Full Interactive

Full Interactive

Is the experience of the player as a whole and the access to not just view content but manipulate it while you watch it.
Multi Camera

Multi Cameras

Brings different angles when trying to learn a movement. Its the ability to watch what the athlete is doing and simultaneously watch what he does with a particular body part side by side. Helping to understand the movement as a whole.
Frame by Frame


Is the only way to truly appreciate every micro movement the athletes are performing. Slowing down the action and watching every frame the camera got.
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The Professors


We are constantly searching for the best athletes and coaches in each sport, so they can impart and immortalize their knowledge with us. We actually built this platform for athletes, to an equivalent of what the app store is for developers. By sharing their knowledge with us and the world they are also participating in the success of each of their videos. We help shoot and structure everything with their help and consent.
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  • Legends

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The Breakroom


Is a place where you can just unwind a little from all the learning and watch some of the hardships of extreme sports like when you faceplant, wipe out, crash and pretty much try new things that don't work out like they should. Its also a space to upload your own training videos and get help with your technique.
In the get stoke portion of the app we and the community of coaches and athletes help you get better. We also upload curated content so you never run out of where the progression of the sport is at.

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